Architecture as an art


Being an architect has always been my huge dream. I used to study architectural drawing in secondary school. Visions of many different buildings used to born in my head every single day. I also took part in creative project led by Polish architect. The final outcome of our work was a design of an urban space in Cracow in commission with the development investor. The project was inspired by a trip to Copenhagen and Stockholm where we studied Scandinavian architecture. In high school I exposed myself for fine art. I explored that expressing my emotions in an art works is something very interesting for me. I discovered that an art world is the field that holds my fascination and in which I decided to continue growing, exploring its nuances and experimenting. I decided to make from an art my reality. At first I was torn between the two, from the first view so far from each other, subjects of my interests- painting and architecture. This is why I thought that design would be a good choice for my studies. As it came out it is very different from what I thought and composed subject, which when exploring I couldn’t fit myself into. 

The idea came to my mind to use my two passions as something that differs me from the others. I realised that because these are my true fascinations I wouldn’t be able to give up any of them. Rather than escaping from myself and trying to fit in some categorised subject I decided to trust my passion and follow it. I imagined the satisfaction I would feel about myself when ever in my life designing a building. I couldn’t give that up. I started studying connections between art and architecture. I read many essays of known architects about how they treat their projects as an art works as well as about artist-architect collaborations (ex Per Kierkeby- diaries, Frank Gehry- documentary, Peter Zumthor- “Seeing through architecture”). It came out it does make a lot of sense. I combined the things which fascinate me in both subjects and that is how this piece of writing was created. It is about the connections between art and architecture. It is about architecture as an art. It is about the importance of the idea, understood as an artistic vision, which determines original and successful building. It is about giving a building a soul. Finally it is about an architect as a form giver to an invisible subject matters, as a space creator, reality creator. 

These are notes I made as a preparation for an essay on my vision of architecture. I think they are worth sharing. They express a lot about my way of thinking about this topic. I wrote them based on Peter Doig’s paintings depicting Le Corbusier’s buildings. This was a starting point for my work.


"Seeing comes before the words. It is seeing which establishes our place in the surrounding world" (J.Berger)

From a very young age I was surrounded by art, particularly my grandmother's paintings. Starting from creating my imaginary wonderlands as a kid, I developed my skills taking an architectural drawing and fine art courses. At school I studied an art history, which was broaden by the lectures on Modern Art in the National Museum in Warsaw. I discovered that art history broadens my knowledge, provides inspiration and helps me to understand my own work. The passion I gained made me create an art portfolio, which I completed all on my own in a very little free time I had during the final year in high school. My hard work and self motivation proved in my works was appreciated by art schools in London and Paris.

This year I begun Foundation Diploma at Central Saint Martins. Starting course in design subject I very soon realised that architecture is the field of my interest. By proving tutor’s my competence for this subject I managed to change course direction for architecture. I explored working with 3D forms by creating models, which became my fascination. That was the time of creating my first building’s models, which remained from me the ability to imagine the final building before creating the paper model. I discovered that sketching is the way to explore my ideas and come up with an interesting forms. I also learned that I can combine my passions by designing for art. My projects were: an art museum which explored the notion of a white space, studio for art residencies with moving structures, a concert hall above the river and meditation platforms, where I explored architecture can transfer you to spiritual sphere. The course helped me to better organise my works and clearly divide research from idea development and a final outcome. I have broaden my knowledge by attending lectures on architecture in Architecture Association School and Bartlett School of Architecture, where I familiarised myself with current issues in architecture and the importance of a climate change and the creator’s responsibility to design in sustainable way. I realised that architecture is my choice of language and my method of conveying my thoughts to the world.

My first works depict variety interpretations of a human. I was always interested in body and the way of expressing personality with a paint. After a while I realised that my particular interest in showing human figure is deepened by analysis of the society. I am interested in the way one can express in art something indescribable like person’s character. After completing an internship in DESA Unicum- the most influential art auction house in Poland, I managed to get the job in Michael Werner Gallery in London. By meeting many interesting people from an art world and discussing the content of Peter Doig paintings exhibition I learned how to analyse creative works. I had a chance to meet an architect of Doig’s house, who is based in Trinidad. Conversation with her made me realise how this profession can look differently depending on the location. I was particularly impressed by the paintings showing Le Corbusier’s buildings. An expressive colours used to show the structures made me come up with the idea of the unconscious influence architecture has on the way we are feeling. I wrote an essay about “painted cities”, which depicts connections between those two subjects. I believe that without an architect’s abstract idea building would be like a human without a soul. My theory was expressed in sculptures I made showing the constructions of some known buildings in use of painted in different colours foam. This is my interpretation of how these buildings influence us and have an impact on the surrounding. I believe architects are painters, who rather than a brush with a paint use brick and wood.

Even earlier I have been active in deepening my knowledge and gaining experience. I attended an internship at the design company "Advertis" where I was exposed to every stage of the design process from concept to the final product. It was amazing to experience first hand the amount of work, people and detail involved in bringing an idea from imagination to a work available to all society. I took part in many creative projects broaden by visits to European countries. One of them, entitled “Let’s be creative” led by Polish architect, resulted in project of urban space in Cracow inspired by Scandinavian design we studied on the trip to Stockholm and Copenhagen. I co-organised Element Talks Conference in Warsaw, part of International Design Festival, as well as a charity art auction organised by Refugees Welcome which took place in The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. During the projects I refined my team-work skills as well as realised how much people can achieve when working together. As my part of own initiative I made an art installation depicting photography of people abandoned by society and organised the mural making workshop for children from Belarus.

One of my goal's in life is to work with the space and environment and show that architecture can have a great influence on our lives. I hope to continue contributing original ideas and my sensitive point-of-view with my school and look for more opportunities to share my experiences as well as educate people's sensibility for the world that surrounds them. I would like the course to provide me with the abilities, which will allow to transfer my ideas for a real structures. I would like to work surrounded by many types of people with colourful minds, which I believe an architectural students are and create something interesting together.

I believe I am still a naive experimenter like one traveling through life experiencing something new every day. Architecture is a world that holds my fascination, and in creating I feel as though I'm giving something back.  Architecture, and the many techniques and variety of materials used to create it, is a language that allows the possibility to contribute something to the society and is made up of a diverse range of human activities. It is an area in which I plan to continue growing and understanding better all of its associated aspects and nuances. As Berger wrote I believe architecture is a key that gives one a chance to unlock the wonder and mysteries of our world that aren't visible at first. My mission is to contribute my own original point of view in my projects and share them with others.




 -The thesis is that without an artistic vision of a building one can’t create an original design which has its “soul”, the other way it would only be a construction 

 -Difference between construction and architecture

 -Only with architects vision, which stays in his mind during the whole design process and is being expressed in the final outcome, building can be an art piece 

-sketches as works that shows your ideas, you can express the feelings, the idea that your building represents 

 -Peter Doig’s paintings:

shown atmosphere of the building, they way it interacts with the surrounding and how people feel about it 

I think it is the huge success for architect when his vision of the project is being expressed in the painting, because it means that the design was understood, it induce certain feelings in the viewer 

Additionally, Le Corbusier used to say that the way he thinks about his building is the way he thinks about painting. He treated himself as an artist. His inventions in architecture comes from cubism (Picasso). Simple colours, simple shapes, use of paint in cubists painting are expressed in simple blocks and primal colours, use of concrete in architecture.


It’s a piece of work- the idea that was transferred to a space 

The skills of an architect allows this 

He is a director of a practical processes of construction

He is a composer of the means which in this case are materials, by which he expresses his idea

 -What fascinates me in design proces:

Passion for work with materials

Explosions of emotions

Showing ideas in not so much realistic way

The purpose is creation of something real

But still keeping the idea of some universal wonderings 

The sucées is to keep this sensual message in the project made by natural materials 

 -An architectural drawing when understood by me started being fascinating 

It wasn’t just sketching for few hours anymore

It was about creating, considering the elements of construction, thinking about a whole piece, about a final outcomes (not about a separate elements, because it makes you get lost)

 -For an overall thinking you first need an idea to be able to check if every step of the process expresses it

The process can obviously learn something, it can involve a project, make changes

But in order for it, not be a random unorganised changes you need to have thought about what you want to achieve, about what you want to express 

it’s like sculpting a human you still need to think about whole silhouette in order not to sculpt some different creature and maybe during the process some part of the body fancies you this much that they can involve your idea. Then you decide to crate some new shape. having the idea in your mind makes your decision. This is your power of a creator 

 -The ability to break the boundaries, think abstract makes you create something unconventional 

-My works:

Most of my works show a human. I am fancied in exploring the way people think: how do they present theirselves from the outside, how do they interact among society, what are their desires. I think it is important for the creator of our surrounding to understand the needs of people he creates it for. By understanding people’s desires, their characters you can create an environment that will allow them to develop themselves, an area which does not close any doors for them.

I believe in freedom and equality. I believe in simplicity in architecture. I think that the simple, but well designed project have the most valuable meaning, because it gives a space for your thoughts. I wouldn’t want to create an architecture which dictates somebody their hierarchy or views. I want to create the architecture with respect for difference. I want to use natural materials, in order not to make anything that is fake. Not an illusion but something real- both theoretically in the mean of an idea and practically as a building itself

-It is like comparing a white wall, a simple piece of architectural texture, and a human who stands in front of it . It gives you space to explore the personality, his colourful mind, it gives a chance to breath meditate. At the same time it is very simple and a beautiful form . Of course I’m not saying I want to design only white walls, but I want to catch an ideas. I appreciate a simple but meaningful form.

-University which will give me the tools 

Knowledge that will allow me to develop my dreams. These are my ideas I can share in creation of original designs, but the ability to do that is what I need in order to make them real, to finalise my goal, not leave it on the base of just planning.